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In order to provide a world-wide high quality chemistry education program, this libre website has been established. The resource material is freely given so that all may benefit.

The chemistry material is for high school students and includes notes, labs, assignments, and review packages.

There is information and material for the chemistry classes that I teach at Colonel By Secondary School.

I am a High School Chemistry teacher at Colonel By Secondary School in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I have been instrumental in establishing the International Baccalaureate Chemistry Program, (Higher Level), at Colonel By and putting the two year program in place. I have designed the delivery of this program and aligned it with the Ontario Curriculum, further implementing the IB chemistry program to comply with the four year high school program in Ontario.

I also teach chemistry to the enriched 3UE (equivalent to Grade 11, or the 'GCSE' program in England); and the OAC/4UE, (equivalent to the Grade 12 program, or the 'A' Level in England), at Colonel By.

I have trained students for the Avogadro, CHEM13, CIC, CCO, First Chemistry National in Ottawa Contest, and for the MCAT.

I am an active member of the Chemical Institute of Canada - Ottawa section, participating in the promotion of chemistry in the region and providing an opportunity for networking. I have been involved in a number of projects, such as a Speaker at the Careers Night for Students at Ottawa and Carleton University, a Judge for the Regional Science Fair, and the organization of the First National Chemistry Olympics for CIC.


Chemistry Club Henry Monroe 2003

Chem Club Dinner 2003

Chem Club Rockcliffe 1

Chem Club Rockcliffe 2


The National Institute of Standards and Technology is an excellent source for all chemical data.

To clarify understanding of buffers, check out this movie presentation: Buffers


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