Savita Pall and Chemistry



Chemistry Syllabus

Completed Labs (2001-2002)



Check out this website for further notes and reviews: 9th April 2003

IB Syllabus and Review Notes

Please download the following Review Packages:

1.    Organic Review Questions

2.    Organic Reaction Mechanism Review Notes



Please download the following packages, they will be required for the coming weeks: 17 March 2003

1.Nitrogen Compounds

 2. Analytical Techniques

3. Organic Problem Solving

4. Transition Metal Notes and Lab

5.  Summary Table - Determination of Structure


Please download Alkanoic Acid notes, these will be required this week, i.e 20 February!!

Please also download Chemistry Definitions as these will help you as a review packages.

You may now download the review package of E1 Reaction Review  and the E2 Reaction Review

Please download the notes on Carbonyl Compounds ,these will be required for the class, this week.

Also download the aldehydes_and_ketones Lab

Please download Characteristic Tests for Organic Compounds

Please downloadPhysical and Chemical Properties  as this lab will be used for the IB Portfolio


Thank you to Brett Anderson, you may now download the  Alcohols Phenol Review.