Savita Pall and Chemistry


Welcome to SNC1D 2005-2006

The following is the course outline for the Grade 9 Academic Course.

Course Outline 2005-2006 1D

General information for Grade 9

14 June 2006

Here is the Reproduction Unit Review Notes:

Exam Review Notes


1 June 2006

The following is a very useful review for the Exam, please download and practice.

Self Test Organelles

Review Reproduction


Chapter 7_Review  Questions

True-False Review

Exam Review Answers True-False

Chemistry Year End Review

Year End Review Reproduction



5 April 2006

You may now read some of the stories written using the elements of the Periodic Table.

Elements Candace Leblanc

Time-Machine Thomas Connor

Halloween Night Tracy Kong

Adventures of Argon Nick Myers

Matt S My Journey to Krypton

Samarium Muhammad Ahmad

My New Porsche Scott Valentine

20 Elements Victor Teh

My Party Brooke Hanson Chemical Elements Story