Savita Pall and Chemistry



Elements and Periodic Table

Isotopes and relative atomic mass

Notes Trends in the Periodic Table

Multiple Ionization Energies

Review Trends in the Periodic

ANSWERS-Review Trends in the Periodic Table

How Elements form compounds 5.6-5.8


Binary Acids

Ultimate Guide to Oxyacids

Oxyacids and their complex ions

Table of Polyatomic Ions

Table of cations and anion names and formulas

Polyatomic Ions- 5.9

Molecular Covalent Compounds

Comparison of Bond Types

6.1_lesson 1

Types of chemical Reactions

Types of Chemical Reactions_06-07


Rates of Reaction-Factors

Rates-Factors Demo

Rates-Lab Activity_Mno4_C2O4

Chapter 7 Assignment

Notes Properties of Acid Base

Review-Acids and Bases

Notes-Introduction to pH

Chemistry Unit Review Questions

Chemistry-Unit Review-2DE-09-10


Chemistry Notes 2_Periodic Trends

Chemistry- Unit Checklist_17-18