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Welcome to SCH4UE 2003-2004

Chemistry Syllabus 

IB Lab Information

News:  19 April 2004

Please download the following new Units:

Analytical Techniques

Summary Table - Determination of Structure

Characteristic Tests for Organic Compounds

PowerPoint Presentation

Soaps and detergents

Organic Problem Solving

Purification and Separation Techniques



Alcohol Phenol Review

Carbonyl Compounds


Aldehydes and Ketones


News: 10 March

You may download the following review question on Halo-compounds. Thank you to Jan Jablonski.

Please also download the Notes and Labs on Alcohols and Phenols

Review Organic RX Question

Alcohols and Phenols


Dehydration of cyclohexanol


News: 7 March

Please download the following two labs, as these will be used for the preparation of the Lab Portfolio and will be marked.

Planning Rates of Hydrolysis

Physical and Chemical Properties

News: 6 March

Please download the following packages and bring them to the class for this week.


RX_C6H6_isomerism_Test Review



News: 2 March

You may also download the Comparison Table of SN1 and SN2, thank you to Jenny Wang

Comparison SN1and SN2

The comparison Table of Aliphatic and Aromatic is now available for you to download.

Comparison Table of Aliphatic and Aromatic

News: 29 February

Please download the following notes, for this week:

Optical isomerism

News: 19 February

You may now download the Review 1 of Halogenoalkanes, prepared by Tim HOltze.


News: 15 February

Please download the following for the week starting 16 February.



Presence of substituents on benzene


1.Physical Props of Organic Compounds and IMFA

2. Preparation of Bromoethane

3. Reactions of toluene

4. Hydrolysis of halogeno compounds


1. Calculations in organic

2. Alkane alkenes aromatic isomerism

News: 10 February

Please download the following:

E1 Reaction Review

E2 Reaction Review

News: 8 February 2004

You may download the Table of Contents for the Labs Completed up to this date, and organize your Lab Portfolio.

Labs Completed_Jan15

31 January 2004

You may now download the following Labs in the Redox unit, and the start of next Organic Notes

Redox Labs

1.    Electrochemical Cells

2.    Electrolysis

3.    Electroplating

4.    Titration Using Permanganate

Organic Notes

1.    Introduction to organic

2.    Covalent Bonding Hybridization

3.    Bonding in Organic Molecules

4.    Halogenoalkanes

Organic Labs

1.    Hydrolysis of Halogeno Compounds

2.    Preparation of Bromoethane


The Equation Review Sheet

You may download the definitions for reviews and start reviewing the definitions from A - C.

Chemistry Definitions