Savita Pall and Chemistry




1 Gas Notes

Molar Volume of Gases Lecture Notes 2

Gas Stoichiometry Notes 3

Kinetic Molecular Theory Lecture 4

Application of Daltons Law-Collection of Gases

Gases and Atmospheric Chemistry




1 Pressure Volume

2 Pressure Volume

3 PV PT VT Problems

4 Gas Law Problems

5 Gas Laws Practice

  6 Ideal Gas Law

7 Partial Pressures

8 Molar Volume

9 Kinetic Molecular Theory Review

10 Gas Problems Practice 1

11Review Problems I and II

12.    Gases Practice Test-Questions-Answer


13.    Answer Key-Gas Unit


Effect of temperature on the volume of a gas

Answer Key-Lab-Effect of Temperature on Gas Volume

Dry Lab Determination of Molar Volume of_CO2_O2_CH4

Air Bag Planning Lab

Co2 from an Alka-Seltzer Tablet

Gas Stoichiometry Lab 

Popcorn- Planning-Lab



Chemistry Gas Review-2014

Flow Chart-Gas Phase of Matter

Review: Gas Unit: Brett Anderson

Gases-ISU for dummies