Savita Pall and Chemistry




Bond Enthalpies

Ionic Crystals-Born-Haber Cycle-2018

Enthalpy of Solution Lattice Energy and Hydration Energy

Enthalpy changes for warming substances and changes of state (29899 bytes)

Enthalpy of strong acid-strong base

Enthalpy Review Questions

Answer Key-Enthalpy Review Questions

Equations using heats of reaction (25471 bytes)

Answers-Equations Using Heats of Reactions

Review-Equations using Heats of Reactions

Answer Key-Review Equations Using Heats of Reactions

Hess law and Calorimetry problems (32360 bytes)

Hess Law-2018

Homework from Harwood and Petrucci (21204 bytes)

Specific Heat-Heat Capacity Problems I

Specific Heat and Heat Capacity Problems II 

Standard Heats of Reaction and Hess' Law

Entropy Assignment 1

Entropy I Assignment- Answers

Spontaneous Processes Assignment II

Assignment II-Spontaneous Processes

Entropy II Assignment-Answers

Assignment 3 Free Energy

Review Entropy and Free Energy

Enthalpy-Review-IB Questions

Entropy-Free Energy-Test_01-02



Planning Lab-Metal Cube

Data Base Lab-Combustion of Alcohols

Combustion of Alcohols (38378 bytes)

Enthalpy of ammonium chloride planning lab (23254 bytes)

Enthalpy of four chemical reactions (32570 bytes)

Enthalpy of Ionic Compounds

Enthalpy Change of Mg and HCl

Enthalpy of zinc and copper (51664 bytes)

Exothermic and endothermic reactions (43817 bytes)

Heat You Can Eat Lab

Hess law calcium carbonate (35126 bytes)

Hess law sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid (51249 bytes)

Hess Lab-Micro-scale

Life Saver Planning Lab

Measuring specific heat capacity planning lab (46232 bytes)


Thermo -Quiz 1_V1_18-19

Thermo -Quiz 1_V2_18-19

Thermo -Quiz 1_V3_18-19

Thermo Quiz 2_V1_2018-2019

Thermo Quiz 2_V2_2018-2019