Savita Pall and Chemistry


Acids and Bases


Flowchart-Classification Compounds


pH-Coordinate Bond

Acids-Bases Notes

Effect of Structure on Acid-Base Properties

Gases and Atmospheric Chemistry

Hydrolysis of Ions

The Common Ion Effect

Buffers and pH of Buffers

Titration Notes

Titration Curve-Strong Acid-Strong Base

Titration Curve-pH vs. Volume-Strong Acid-Strong Base

Hydrolysis of Ions-Titration Problems

Acids Bases ISU-for-dummies

Review and Test -Acid-Base

Outline of Unit Review

Requirements for Test Review-Solutions-Acid-Base-Grade 11-2015


Review Questions on acid-Base Definitions

Summary of Arrhenius Properties

Summary Table of pH and pOH Relationship


Determination of pH of Weak Acid Solution

Determination of pH of Weak Base Solution

Ka and Kb Problems

Answer Key-Ka-Kb Problems

Titration Problems

Buffer Problems

Answer Key-Buffer Problems

Solving for pH at Equivalence Point

Review Calculations 1

Review Questions

Review Questions and Answers-Acid -Base Unit-2015

Acid-Base Test_V1_12-13

Answer Key-Acid-Base Unit Test-4UE-V1_12-13



Making oxides-Acids-Bases

Analysis of Aspirin

Lab-Electrolytes -Weak -Strong

Strong and Weak Acid Titration Simulation

Bronsted-Lowry Acid-Base Lab

Properties of Acids and Bases

Ka-Weak Acid

Titration Lab

Titration Plot Activity

Hydrolysis - Planning Lab

Lab-Titration of Strong Acid and Strong Base_09-10

pH Changes During Titration of a Strong Acid and Strong Base

Planning-Indigestion Medicine

Determination of Acetic Acid in Bubble Gum