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Atomic Structure 


Atomic and Molecular Structure-09-10-Unit Outline

Historical Perspective Table-Atomic Structure

3U-Unit 1-Matter and Chemical Bonding Outline

Structure of the Atom Notes 2013-3U

Introduction to Atomic Theory-3U-2012-13

The Mass Spectrometer

3_Atomic Spectrum-Bohr

The Wave Mechanical Model of the Atom

Summary Periodic Trends-Periodic Table

Atomic Structure (Lecture Notes 1)

 Atomic Structure (Lecture Notes 2)

Bonding Ionic Covalent-09-10

Chemistry of Ozone

Covalent Bonding-Hybridization

Bonding in Organic Compounds_V2

Formal Charge-Bond Order

Isotopes and relative atomic mass

Multiple Ionization Energies

Electronegativity (Lecture Notes 4)


Notes Trends in the Periodic Table

Periodic Trends

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Table of VSEPR Shapes (Lecture Notes 6)

Memory Aid-Table of VSEPR Shapes

 Bonding-IMFA (Lecture Notes 7)

Intermolecular Forces-09-10

Graph Hydrides of Group 5 and 6 and_7

Structure and Type of Solids-09-10

Summary Table-Bonding-Properties

Comparing Properties of Ionic and Molecular Compounds

Boiling Points of Liquids (Lecture Notes 8)

Atomic Structure Review

Periodic Table REVIEW

Atomic Structure Review-Adir Baxi_2015

VSEPR Table and Structure

Complete Review-Structure-and-Bonding-09-10

Study Points-Atomic Structure and Bonding Unit-2015-3UE 

Intro Bonding and Properties-2016-4U


Atomic Structure 1

Uses of Radioisotopes

Chemistry Today Homework

Periodicity 2

Quantum Mechanics Calculations 3

Review-Quantum Numbers -Elect Configuration

Successive Ionization Energies of Sodium

Ionic Crystals-Born-Haber Cycle-2018

Lewis Structure Tables 4

Assignment Lewis Structure Practice Questions

VSEPR Shapes of Molecules 5

Molecular Geometry and IMFA-2016

Assignment-Volatility-Surface Tension

Bonding Types-ICT

Types of Structure and Properties

Answer -Types of Structure and Properties

Structure and Bonding-Review 6.pdf

Review Atomic Theory Bonding and Structure

Essay Questions on Bonding and Properties

Unit Test-Bonding-V1_09-10

Review-Periodic Trends-Bonding-13-14-Answers

Hybridization Quiz_3UE_04-05


Line Spectra of Elements

Atomic Spectra of Hydrogen Using a Spectroscope 1

The Variation of Atomic Properties

Making oxides-Acids-Bases

 Periodicity of Chemical Properties in Chlorides and Oxides 2

Lab Activity Polarity-VSEPR-Props-Model 3

Comparing Physical Properties to Bond Types 4

Testing Liquids for Polarity 6

Pre-Lab- Volatility and Surface Tension of Liquids 7

Recognizing Structure Types

Activity Series of Metals-3U



Poem Covalent Bond-Joanna, Rachel and Louise

Poem-Metallic Bond-Russell Burgess

Poem-Ionic-Aliza Moledina