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Alkane alkene aromatic isomerism (19898 bytes)

Calculations in Organic Chemistry

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Intermolecular Forces-Structure-Boiling Point

Test Practice Questions-Halogenoalkanes

Test Review Question- Haloalkanes-RX

Review Problems-Halogenoalkanes-R-X

Review SN1SN2R-X

Melting point and boiling point of alkanes (29954 bytes)

Nomenclature (46268 bytes)

Nomenclature Answers

Organic Nomenclature Handouts

Answers Organic Nomenclature Handouts

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Organic Problem Solving

Organic Review Questions

Review Question-Halogeno Allkanes-Alcohols

Organic Chemistry Review1Grade 12

Review Organic Quest

IB-Exam Type Organic Questions-2015

Organic Nomenclature Review-Bohmyi

Alkane and Alkene Structure and Nomenclature-2018


Alcohols (56569 bytes)

Aldehydes and  Ketones (32969 bytes)

Alkanoic acids (34782 bytes)

Characteristic Tests for Organic Compounds

Dehydration of cyclohexanol (39552 bytes)

Esters (45559 bytes)

Hydrolysis of halogeno compounds (49768 bytes)

Planning Rates of Hydrolysis

Nitration of bromobenzene (65289 bytes)

Phenol (53900 bytes)

Preparation and reactions of acetylene (40250 bytes)

Preparation of Bromoethane (32179 bytes)

Purification of solutions (29177 bytes)

Physical Props of Org Compounds and IMFA.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Reactions of hydrocarbons (55620 bytes)

Reactions of Saturated and unsaturated Hydrocarbons

Reactions of toluene (40067 bytes)

Snow Globe Chemistry


Alkanes (83474 bytes)

Alkanoic Acids

Alcohols and Ethers - Grade 12

Alkanols and Phenols

Alcohols Phenol Review

Alkenes (118609 bytes)

Alkenes Grade 12

Alkenes-Reactions Flow Chart

Alkynes (66957 bytes)

Analytical Techniques


Benzene-Grade 12

Bonding in Organic Molecules

Bonding in Organic Compounds_V2

Carbonyl Compounds

Characteristic Tests for Organic Compounds

Chemistry Definitions

Classification of Organic Isomers

Common & IUPAC Names

Comparison Table of Aliphatic and Aromatic

Comparison of SN1 and SN 2 Mechanisms 

Organic Concept Map

Covalent bonding hybridization (174818 bytes)

Cracking and reforming (56033 bytes)

 Determination of Structure- Summary Table

E1 Reaction Review

E2 Reaction Review

Families of Organic Compounds

Functional Group Nomenclature Priorities Table

Functional Group Priorities in Organic Nomenclature

Functional Group Notes-Ryder


Halogenoalkane Flowchart

Review Problems-Halogenoalkanes-R-X

Reaction Pathway- Halogeno-alkanes

Introduction to organic (71297 bytes)

Introduction to organic reaction mechanism (58630 bytes)

Nitrogen Compounds

Nomenclature-IMFA Chart

Organic bonding (98051 bytes)


Organic Reaction Mechanism Review Notes


Organic Synthesis Pathway

Organometallic Compounds

PowerPoint Presentation -Organic Reaction Pathways


Polymer Review

Presence of substituents on benzene (84604 bytes)

Purification and Separation Techniques

Organic_1_ Summary Notes

Test Review Qu- Haloalkanes-RX


System of organic nomenclature (107517 bytes)

Table of functional groups (27995 bytes)

Purification Technique

Table of functional groups

Organic Review-09

Chapter 3-Alkenes-The Nature of Organic Reaction

Chapter 4- Alkenes and Alkynes

Common Mistakes in Organic Chemistry