Savita Pall and Chemistry


Welcome to Chemistry: SNC2DE


Welcome to Grade 10 Science. 

Please download the following course outline.


Please download the Science Safety Contract,  please bring it back signed by your parent/guardian and by you also.  

Science Safety Contract


March 26, 2017


Introduction to the Cell

  Importance of Cell Division

Cell Cycle

Cell Division-Cancer

Cell Review

Specialized Cells

Specialized Cells Student Worksheet

Cell Cycle Flow Chart

Animal Systems

Stem Cells and Cellular Differentiation

Image -Stem Cell-Pearson

The Digestive System

Process of Food - Through the Digestive System-2017

 Digestive System-Study Notes

10_Circulatory System

Circulatory System-Study Notes

Respiratory System

Study Guide-Respiratory System

Organ Transplant

Musculoskeletal System

14-Nervous System

Interaction of Systems

Plant Systems


Assignment-Medical Technology

Labelling Microscope

Estimating fit across Field

Microscope Calculations

Format for Biological Drawing

Microscope -Review

  Self Test-Cell Organelles

Image-Animal Cell

Image-Plant Cell

Review-Introduction to Plant-Animal Cell

Mitosis-Image 1

Mitosis _image 2

Phases of Mitosis-Pearson

Glossary Terms-Mitosis

2.    Review 1_Cell Cycle

3.    Review 2_Cell Cycle

Label-Digestive System

Digestive Tract- Review

Review Questions-Circulatory System

Review-Questions-Answers-Circulatory System


Review Respiratory System


October 26, 2016

We will start the Chemistry Unit next week,

please download the following Notes, Assignments, and Labs.


1. Bunsen Burner

2. Matter Changes_5.1

3. Elements and Periodic Table

4. Isotopes and relative atomic mass

5. Trends in the Periodic Table

6. Multiple Ionization Energies

7. How elements form compds5.6-5.8

8. Review-Naming-Stock-Classical for Ionic

9. Polyatomic Ions- 5.9

10. Table of Polyatomic Ions

11. Binary Acids

12. Oxyacids and their complex ions

13. 5.11_Molecular Covalent Compounds.

14. Naming Molecular Compounds

15.   Comparison of Bond Types

16. 6.1_lesson 1 Balancing Chemical Equations

17. Types of Chemical Reactions

18.    Notes-Properties of Acids-Bases

19.   Notes-Introduction to pH


1.    Assignment_1_Matter

2.    Periodic Table Zorkon

3.    Ions and the Periodic Table

4.    Review Trends in the Periodic 

5.    ANSWERS-Review Trends in the Periodic Table

6.    Oxidation Numbers and Ions for Groups

7.    Chemicals at Work Data Sheet

8.    Formula for Binary Ionic

9.    Formula and Names for Ionic Binary

10.    Oxyacids Nomenclature

11.    Review Binary and Oxy acids Nomenclature

12.    Oxy-acids and Radicals

13.    Oxy-acid Radicals and compound

14.    Review Table Polyatomic Ion

15.    Nomenclature Work Sheet

16.    Nomenclature-Ultimate Review-2017

17.    Nomenclature Ultimate Review 2017-Answers

18.     Introduction to Balancing Equation

19.     Balancing_Equations_1

20.     Balancing Polyatomic Equations

21.     More Balancing Equations

22.    Word Equations to Balanced Molecular Equations 

23.    Review-Acids and Bases

24.    Chemistry-Unit Review Questions-09-10

25.    Answers-Chemistry Unit Review-Multiple Choice-09-10.pdf


1.    Scientific Method_Lab_2016

2.    Physical Properties of Ionic-Covalent Compounds

3.    Recognizing a Chemical Reaction

4.    Types of Reaction_09-10

5.    Combustion Reactions of Acetylene

6.    Properties of Acids and Bases-2DE-09-10

7.    Electrolytes-Weak-Strong-2DE

8.    Planning Lab- Acids and Bases_2DE

9.    Planning-Indigestion Medicine

10.    Lab-Titration of Strong Acid and Strong Base_09-10

11.    Rates-Factors Demo

12.    Rates-Lab Activity-Mno4-C2O4



September 6, 2016

Please download the following and bring these to class starting the Week of September 6. 2016.


1.Nature of Light-Electromagnetic Spectrum

2_Types of Light Emission

3_Ray Model of Light

4_Reflection Flat Mirrors

5_Locating Images in a Plane Mirror

6_Images in Curved Mirrors

7_Mirror and Magnification Equations

8_Refraction of Light

9-Total Internal Reflection


11.    The Eye

12.    Some Applications of Lenses

13.    Unit-Optics- Summary-Pearson

14.    Unit Optics-Key Terms-Pearson

15.    Introduction to Measurement


1.    Review 1-Electromagnetic Spectrum-Producing Visible Light

2.    Optics Project

3.    Review-Mirror

4.    Assignment-Drawings Concave Mirrors

5.    Virtual Image in Concave Mirrors

6.    Sources and Nature of Light-Images in Converging-Diverging Mirrors

7.    Refraction Drill

8    Refraction Review 1

9.    Converging Lens Exercise

10.    Diverging Lens Exercise

11.    Lens Calculation Problems

11.    Cross-section of an Eye

12. Eye



Snell Law Lab_2DE


Optics-Part 1- Review Notes-LL

Optics Review Notes Part2