Savita Pall and Chemistry


Welcome to Chemistry: SNC2DE


Welcome to Grade 10 Science. 

Please download the following course outline.


Please download the Science Safety Contract,  please bring it back signed by your parent/guardian and by you also.  

Science Safety Contract

September 6, 2017

Please download the following and bring these to class starting the Week of September 6. 2017


1.Nature of Light-Electromagnetic Spectrum

2_Types of Light Emission

3_Ray Model of Light

4_Reflection Flat Mirrors

5_Locating Images in a Plane Mirror

6_Images in Curved Mirrors

7_Mirror and Magnification Equations

8_Refraction of Light

9-Total Internal Reflection


11.    The Eye

12.    Some Applications of Lenses

13.    Unit-Optics- Summary-Pearson

14.    Unit Optics-Key Terms-Pearson

15.    Introduction to Measurement


1.    Review 1-Electromagnetic Spectrum-Producing Visible Light

2.    Optics Project

3.    Review-Mirror

4.    Assignment-Drawings Concave Mirrors

5.    Virtual Image in Concave Mirrors

6.    Sources and Nature of Light-Images in Converging-Diverging Mirrors

7.    Refraction Drill

8    Refraction Review 1

9.    Converging Lens Exercise

10.    Diverging Lens Exercise

11.    Lens Calculation Problems

11.    Cross-section of an Eye

12. Eye


Snell Law Lab_2DE


Optics-Part 1- Review Notes-LL

Optics Review Notes Part2