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5 April 2006

Please download the following Review Flow chart, and start working on the November 04 Exam.  We will answer the questions in class this week, so have these done, so they they will be an aid to your review for the exam in May!!!


20 MARCH 2006

Please download the following new units:


Alkanols and Phenols

Alcohol Phenol Review

Organic Problem Solving

Carbonyl Compounds

Alkanoic Acids


Polymer Review

Nitrogen Compounds

Organic Reaction Pathways 

Analytical Techniques

Summary Table - Determination of Structure

Purification and Separation Techniques

Organic Concept Map

Characteristic Tests for Organic Compounds



Calculations in organic

Organic Review Questions

Organic Problem Solving

Soaps and detergents

Final Review Questions


Hydrolysis of Halogeno Compounds



Purification of solutions


Aldehydes and Ketones

Alkanoic acids

Please download the following for the week starting 1 February 2006

Also the Table of Contents for Year 1 &2 is available:

Table of Contents_Jan_05-06


1.    Nomenclature IMFA Chart

2.    Table of Functional Groups

3.    Organic Chemistry Review1

4.    Organic 1 Summary Notes

5.    Aromatic-Benzene

6.    Presence of Substituents on Benzene

7.    Comparison Table of Aliphatic and Aromatic

8.    Isomerism

9.    Optical Isomerism

10.    Halogenoalkanes

11.    Comparison SN1and SN2

12.    E1 Reaction Review

13.    E2 Reaction Review


1.    Calculations in organic

2.    Nomenclature

3.    Alkane - Alkene - Aromatic - Isomerism

4.    Review- Organic R-X Question

5.    Review: SN1SN2_R-X


1.    Preparation and Reactions of Acetylene

2.    Reactions of Saturated and Unsaturated

3.    Reactions of Toluene

4.    Nitration of Bromobenzene

5.    Planning Rates of Hydrolysis









12 January 2006

Please note that the following IA Planning Lab Outline is now available. Download it and start planning the TWO IA Labs you intend to perform for the PSOW.

IA-Planning Labs

4 January 2006

Happy New Year.  Welcome back.

Please download the following new Unit:   Acids - Bases.  

You may also find the following Formulae Review Sheet useful for all your calculations.

Formulae Review Sheet



1.    ACIDS and BASES

2.    Hydrolysis of Ions

3.    The Common Ion Effect

4.    Buffers and pH of Buffers

5.    Titration Curves


1.    Review Questions on acid-Base Definitions

2.    Review Questions

3.    Review Calculations 1

4.    Titration Problems

5.    Ka and Kb Problems

6.    Buffer Problems

7.    Review and Test -Acid-Base


Titration Plot Activity

Hydrolysis - Planning Lab






10 December 2005

Please download the following new Assignment on Qualitative Equilibrium; and the Labs.  These will be used in the class this week, hence please download it and bring it.

Review -Qualitative Equilibrium

Equilibrium Simulation Lab

Macroscopic Properties of Equilibrium

Application of Le Chatelier's Principle

The Equilibrium Constant


25 November 2005

Here are the Kinetics Tests for Review:

Unit Test 2003-2004

Kinetics Test SCHOA

Please download the new Unit: Equilibrium

1.    Equilibrium in chemical reactions

2.    Summary Table of Equilibrium and Rates

3.    Gibbs Free Energy and Equilibrium

4.    Quantitative Equilibrium Review

5.  Equilibrium-Review

6.    Brett Anderson Equilibrium Review


1.  Equilibrium homework Harwood and Petrucci

2.    Graphing Equilibrium

3.    Le Chateliers Principle

4.    Equilibrium Practice Problems

5.    Free Energy and Equilibrium Constant

Please download the new unit, Chemical Kinetics, for the week of 17 October 2005 


1.    Chemical Kinetics

2.    Energy in Kinetics

3.    Reaction Mechanism Notes

4.    Rate Law and Order

5.    Half-life

6.    Arrhenius Equation

7.    Catalysis

8.    Kinetics Review

9.    Kinetics Review Notes

10.    Review-Andre


1.    Effect of Surface Area

2.    Rate Law Order and PE

3.    Problems First Order Reactions

4.    Arrhenius Equation Problems


6 September 2005

chemistry syllabus

Course Outline IB CHEM (HL)

IB Chem Portfolio Assessment Sheet

Please download the following for the week starting 7 September 2005


1.    Intro to Redox

2.    Balancing using Oxidation Numbers

3.    Inorganic-Review


Review Questions


2.    Redox Titration Using Permanganate

11 September 2005

Please download the remainder of the Redox Unit. Further the Package on Chemistry Definitions will be useful for Tests and Exams.

Chemistry Definitions


4.    Balancing by Ion-Electron Method

5.    Electrochemical Cells

6.    Electrolysis

7.    Quantitative Aspects of Electrolytic Reactions

8.    Nernst Equation

9.    Redox Review


1.    Oxidation Numbers of Manganese

3.    Electrochemical Cells

4.    Electrolysis

5.    Electroplating

24 September 2005

Electrochemical cells