Savita Pall and Chemistry



Welcome to SCH3UE 2004-2005

15 May 2005

The following Review packages have been prepared to help you prepare for the June EXAM.

How to build a concept map

Chemical Formulas Review

Replacement Test- Multiple Choice

Calculations in Chemistry

Intro-Oxidation No Review

Periodic Table REVIEW

Complete Rev Structure and bonding

Solutions REVIEW

Chemistry Definitions


4 May 2005

Please download the Table of Contents and the new Unit.

Table of Contents April 05


1.    Covalent bonding hybridization

2.    Bonding in Organic Molecules

3.    Introduction to organic

4.    Introduction to organic reaction mechanism

5.    System of organic nomenclature

6.    Table of functional groups

7.    Alkanes

8.    Cracking and reforming

9.    Alkenes

10.    Alkynes

11.    Isomerism


1.    Calculations in organic

2.    Nomenclature

3.    Melting point and boiling point of alkanes

4.    Gasoline


1.    Reactions of Saturated and Unsaturated

2.    Preparation and reactions of acetylene


Carbon Chemistry Review Chart

Organic Chemistry Review1


26 February 2005

We will be starting the new unit this week: Thermochemistry, please download it and bring it to class.


1.    Introduction to thermodynamics

2.    Table of definitions of types of enthalpy changes

3.    Hess Law notes

4.    Bond energy notes

5.    Entropy and Free Energy

6.    Reaction Spontaneity Table

7.    Thermodynamics-Review


1.    Specific_heat_and_heat_capacity_problems_1

2.    Specific_heat_and_heat_capacity_problems_2

3.    Enthalpy changes for warming substances and changes of state

4.    Equations using heats of reaction

5.    Enthalpy review questions

6.    Hess's Law and calorimetry problems

7.    Summation of Heats of reactions and Hess Law problems

8.    Bond enthalpies

9.    Entropy Assignment 1

10.    Assignment 2 Spontaneous Processes

11.    Assignment 3 Free Energy

12.    Review Entropy and Free Energy


1.    Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions

2.    Measuring specific heat capacity planning lab

3.    Enthalpy of zinc and copper

4.   Combustion of

5.    Enthalpy of ammonium chloride planning lab

6.    Enthalpy of four chemical reactions

7.    Hess's Law sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid

8.    Hess's Law calcium carbonate


1 February 2005

The new ISU on Acid - Base is now available, please download it and start to work on it.




1. Summary of Arrhenius properties

2.  Review Questions on acid-Base Definitions

3.  Summary Table of pH and pOH Relationship

4.  Review Questions

5.  Titration Problems


1. Bronsted-Lowry Acid-Base Lab

2. Properties of Acids and Bases

3.  Acids-Bases/Labs/Titration Lab

3 January 2005

Please download the following notes on Periodic Trends, and the following two labs as these will be required for the first week back to school:  

Periodic Trends

Activity series


Metals and activity series

Halogen displacement reaction


4 December 2004

Please download the following new ISU: Transition Metals


Transition Metal Chemistry





Lab-Transition Metals

7 November 2004

Please download the new Unit: ATOMIC STRUCTURE, for the week starting 8 November.



1 Atomic Structure

2 Atomic Structure

3 Periodic Table Trends Summary

4 Electronegativity

5 Mass Spectrometer

6 Table of VSEPR Shapes

7 Bonding-IMFA

Boiling Points of Liquids

Graph Hydrides of Group 5_ 6_7

Lattice Energies and Born Haber Cycle


Chemistry Today Homework

At Theory-Assign I

Quantum Mechanics Calculations 3


Atomic Structure and Ionization Energy

Lewis Structure_Tables4

VSEPR Shapes of Molecules 5

Volatility and Surface Tension of Liquids

Structure and Bonding-Review 6

Review Atomic Theory Bonding and Structure

Essay Questions on Bonding and Properties


1_Atomic Spectra of Hydrogen Using a Spectroscope

LAB 2- Periodicity of Chemical Properties in Chlorides and Oxides

3_Lab Activity-Polarity-VSEPR-Props-Model

Testing Liquids for Polarity


28 October 2004

Please download the following for the week starting 1 November 2004.

Mole Relationships

20 October 2004

The following is the ISU, you will be working on this through out the year.  The first Unit you will work on is GASES; thus please download it and the date for the Gas Unit Test will  be arranged in class.

ISU Gases Acid Base Solution Nuclear



Molar Volume of Gases

3 Gas Stoichiometry



Co2 from an Alka-Seltzer Tablet

Air Bag Planning

Popcorn Planning Lab


1 Pressure Volume

2 Pressure Volume

3 PV PT VT Problems

4 Gas Law Problems

5 Gas Laws Practice

Gas Problem Practice 1

Ideal Gas Law

Molar Volume

Partial Pressures

9 KMT Review

Review Problems I and II

Gas Unit Review Brett Anderson

11 October 2004

Please download the following:

Moles Unit Review

mole Relationships

Please download the following new Unit: Solutions:

introduction to solution chemistry

net ionic equations

solutions stoichiometry

four easy steps to solve titration problems


Concentration Problem Sheet I

ionic concentrations

stoichiometry and solutions I


solubility of a salt

making solutions

stock solutions and dilutions

Precipitation of lead iodide