Savita Pall and Chemistry


Welcome to SCH4UE 2004-2005

16 April 2005

The following reviews will help in your learning.  Good Luck, remember to read the questions and answer fully.

Organic Concept Map


30 March 2005

You may also download the following review assignment:

Organic Problem Solving

Please download the following for the week of 

21 March 2005


Labs March 15_05 - Table of Contents



Purification of solutions


Aldehydes and ketones

Alkanoic acids


Carbonyl Compounds

Alkanoic Acids


Polymer Review

Nitrogen Compounds

Organic Reaction Pathways 

Analytical Techniques

Summary Table - Determination of Structure

Purification and Separation Techniques


Review Questions -R-X

Calculations in organic Chemistry

20 February 2005

Please download the new unit for the week of 21 February.

optical isomerism

Alkanols and Phenols

Alcohol Phenol Review

E1 Reaction Review

E2 Reaction Review

5 February 2005

Please download the following for the week starting 7 February 2005. You may also download the January Exam.


Comparison Table of Aliphatic and Aromatic


Comparison SN1and SN2

E1 Reaction Review

E2 Reaction Review

Review Questions -R-X


Characteristic Tests for Organic Compounds

Nitration of bromobenzene

Reactions of toluene

Planning Rates of Hydrolysis


Calculations in organic

Organic Review Questions

Organic Problem Solving

Soaps and detergents

Final Review Questions


18 January 2005

The following reviews are now available:


Organic_1_ Summary Notes

Redox Review


Atomic Structure Review

Kinetics Review Notes

20 December 2004

Please download the next unit -- Organic


Presence of substituents on benzene

6 December 2004

Please download the following Acid - Base Unit for the week of 6 December 2004, also please download the Table of Contents for the PSOW.


1.    ACIDS and BASES

2.    Hydrolysis of Ions

3.    The Common Ion Effect

4.    Buffers and pH of Buffers

5.    Titration Curves

6.    Review and Test -Acid-Base


1.    Summary of Arrhenius properties

2.    Summary Table of pH and pOH Relationship

3.    Review Questions on acid-Base Definitions

4.    Review Questions

5.    Review Calculations 1

6.    Titration Problems

7.    Ka and Kb Problems

8.    Buffer Problems

4 December 2004

You may now download the updated Table of Contents, thank you to Sam Guo.

Table of Contents_Dec04

24 November 2004

Please download the following Lab:

The Equilibrium Constant

13 November 2004

Here is the Chemistry Definition  Outline, a Review prepared by Andre' Zakurdev in 2004, and 

 two previous Kinetics Tests:

Chemistry Definitions


Kinetics Unit Test_01-02

Kinetics Unit Test 2003-2004

Please download the new Unit:  Equilibrium

for the week starting: 8 November 2004


1.    equilibrium in chemical reactions

2.    summary table of equilibrium and rates

3.   Quantitative Equilibrium Review

4.   Gibbs Free Energy and equilibrium

5.    Brett's equilibrium review


1.    Homework Harwood and Petrucci

2.   Le_Chateliers_Principle

3.   Graphing Equilibrium

4.   Equilibrium Practice Problems

5.    Free Energy and equilibrium constant


1.    Equilibrium Simulation lab

2.   Introductory demonstrations









11 September 2004

We are BACK !!!

Please download the new unit: Chemical Kinetics:

Chemical Kinetics

Reaction Mechanism Notes

Energy in Kinetics

Rate Law and Order


Arrhenius Equation


Kinetics Review


Effect of Surface Area

Problems First Order Reactions

Rate Law Order and PE

Arrhenius Equation Problems