Savita Pall and Chemistry


Welcome to SCH4U:  Grade 12 Chemistry


Welcome to Chemistry

Please download the following course outline.

Course Outline-SCH4U-2018

Please download the Science Safety Contract,  please bring it back signed by your parent/guardian and by you also.  

Science Safety Contract

The following Lab Expectations - Lab Reports is an  explanation and guidelines for all labs performed during this course and will be an essential requirement in order to succeed in this course.  

Lab Expectations-Lab Reports

The following Equation Sheet will be required for the duration of the course and you will be required to bring it into tests and quizzes.


The following Chemistry Definitions will be useful for the Grade 12 Course 

Chemistry Definitions by Units


January 21, 2019

The following unit test will be useful in the preparation of your upcoming evaluation.



January 14, 2019

The new unit: Solubility Equilibrium, Ksp, is now available, please download it for the beginning of the week starting 14 January, 2019. 



Ionic Equilibria-Solubility Product


Ksp Problems

Solubility Rules Precipitation Net-Ionic Equations


Lab Ksp of a Salt


December 10, 2018

Please download the new Unit: Equilibrium


1.    Equilibrium in chemical reactions

2.    Summary Table of Equilibrium and Rates

3.    Gibbs Free Energy and Equilibrium

4.    Quantitative Equilibrium Review

5.      Equilibrium-Unit Review

6.    Equilibrium Concept Map


1.    Graphing Equilibrium

2.    Review -Qualitative Equilibrium

3.    Le Chatelier's Principle

4.    A Case Study of the Haber Process

5.    Application of Equilibrium Questions

6.    Equilibrium Calculation Practice I and II

7.    Answers to Equilibrium Calculations I and II

8.    Free Energy and Equilibrium Constant

The following is a practice tests , useful practice for the upcoming evaluation.

Unit Test Equilibrium 2012-2013

Answers-Equilibrium Unit Test-2012-2013 


Equilibrium Simulation Lab

Application of Le Chatelier's Principle

The Equilibrium Constant


November 19, 2018

Please download the following Unit for the week starting November 19, 2018.

Unit: Chemical Kinetics


1.    Chemical Kinetics

2.    Energy in Kinetics

3.    Reaction Mechanism Notes

4.    Rate Law and Order

5.    Kinetics Review Notes

6.    Review-Rate of Reaction-08-09


1.    Assignment 1-Kinetics Calculations

2.    Rate of Reaction between Magnesium and Hydrochloric Acid

3.    Effect of Surface Area

4.   Graph-Definition-Factors

5.    Kinetic Energy and Temperature-Distribution

6.    Rate Law

8.    Answer Key-Rate Law

9.    Rate Law Order and PE


Lab-Oxalate-Permanganate Clock

Review Evaluations

The following are practice quizzes and  tests , useful practice for the upcoming evaluations.

Quiz-Concentration -Time 04-05

  Kinetics-Practice Quiz

Kinetics Unit Test-01-02

Kinetics-Unit Test-2003-2004


September 4, 2018

We will be starting with a Review of the Grade 11 course, following this there will be an evaluation on the review.

Review of Grade 11 Chemistry_08-09 

Practice Calculations Review

Review of Grade 11- Assign 1--2018-2019

September 21, 2015

We will be starting the new Unit: Thermodynamics

Unit: Thermodynamics


1.    Introduction to thermodynamics

2.    Table of definitions of types of enthalpy changes

3.    Hess's Law Notes

4.    Bond Energy Notes

5.    Entropy and Free Energy

6.    Reaction Spontaneity Table

7.    Thermodynamics-Review

Review Evaluations

Thermo -Quiz 1_V1_18-19

Thermo -Quiz 1_V2_18-19

Thermo -Quiz 1_V3_18-19

Thermo Quiz 2_V1_2018-2019

Thermo Quiz 2_V2_2018-2019




1.    Specific Heat-Heat Capacity Problems I

2.    Specific Heat and Heat Capacity Problems II

3.    Enthalpy Changes for Warming Substances and Changes of State

4.     Enthalpy of Solution Lattice Energy and Hydration Energy

5.    Enthalpy of Strong Acid-Strong Base

6.    Equations using Heats of Reaction

7.    Answers-Equations Using Heats of Reactions

8.    Equations using Heats of Rxn_2_07-08

9.  Answer Key-Review Equations Using Heats of Reactions

10.    Hess Law-2018

11.    Standard Heats of Reaction and Hess' Law

12.    Enthalpy Review Questions

13.    Answer Key-Enthalpy Review Questions

14.    Bond Enthalpies

15.    Entropy Assignment 1

16.    Entropy I Assignment- Answers

17.    Spontaneous Processes Assignment II

18.    Entropy 2 Assignment-Answers

19.    Assignment 3 Free Energy

20.    Review Entropy and Free Energy

21.    Energetic-Test Practice Questions-Answer Key


1.    Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions

2.     Enthalpy of Ionic Compounds

3.    Enthalpy of zinc and copper(II) Sulphate

4.    Enthalpy Change of Mg and HCl

5.    Hess Lab Microscale

6.    Data Based Lab-Combustion of Alcohols

7.    Heat You Can Eat Lab