Savita Pall and Chemistry


Welcome to SCH4U 2004-2005

7 June 2005

The following review book outlines the whole course, 

it will be useful for exam preparation.



31 May 2005

You may download the following review packages:


Chemistry Exam Review Summary


15 May 2005

The following are review packages prepared with answers 

to help you prepare for your EXAM.

Complete Review Structure and bonding


How to build a concept map

Final Unit Review 4U 

Sch_4U_Unit_ Rev Answers

4U-Exam Review Questions


4 May 2005

Here is the final Unit of the Year:  Redox


1.    Intro to Redox

2.    Balancing using Oxidation Numbers

3.    Balancing by Ion-Electron Method

4.    Electrochemical Cells

5.    Electrolysis

6.    Quantitative Aspects of Electrolytic Reactions


1.    Review Questions


1.    Metals and Activity Series

2.    Electrochemical Cells

3.    Electrolysis


Redox Review


19 April 2005

Please download the new unit Acid -Base, starting this week:


1.    ACIDS and BASES

2.    The Common Ion Effect


1.    Summary of Arrhenius properties

2.    Summary Table of pH and pOH Relationship

3.    Review Questions on acid-Base Definitions

4.    Review Questions

5.    Ka and Kb Problems

6.    Review Calculations 1

7.    Titration Problems


1.    Acids-Bases/Labs/Titration Lab

16 April 2005

Please download the following for the 

week starting 18 April.

Solution Equilibria

Ksp Solubility


17 March 2005

Please download the new unit: 

Equilibrium,  for the week starting 21 March 2005


1.    Equilibrium in chemical reactions

2.    Summary Table of equilibrium and rates

3.    Quantitative Equilibrium Review

4.    Equilibrium-Review


1.    Le Chatelier's Principle

2.    Graphing Equilibrium

3.    Equilibrium Practice Problems


1.    Equilibrium Simulation Lab

2.    Application of Le Chatelier's Principle

3.    The Equilibrium Constant

20 February 2005

Please download the new unit starting 

the week of 21 February 2005


1. Chemical Kinetics

2.    Energy in Kinetics

3.    Reaction Mechanism Notes

4.    Rate Law and Order

5.    Catalysis

6.    Half-life


1.    Effect of Surface Area

2.    Rate Law Order and PE

3.    Problems First Order Reactions

7 January 2005

Here is the new unit: Thermodynamics.  Please download the notes and bring them to class.




3. Hess's Law notes

4. Bond Energy notes


1. Specific_heat_and_heat_capacity_problems_1

2. Specific_heat_and_heat_capacity_problems_2


4. Equations using heats of reaction

5. Hess's Law and calorimetric problems

6. Summation of heats of reactions and Hess's Law problems

7. Enthalpy review questions

8. Bond enthalpies


1. Exothermic and endothermic reactions

2. Enthalpy of zinc and copper

3. Combustion of

4. Hess's Law sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid

5 January 2005

The following is a review of Nomenclature, Alkanes, and Alkenes.  Please also download the notes on Polymers.

Organic Chemistry Review1


Polymer Review

20 December 2004

Please download the two new packages of notes, for the new year: 2005.  These will be required for  the week starting 3 January 2005

Benzene-Grade 12

Alcohols and Ethers - Grade 12

4 December 2004

Please download the following for the week of 6 December 2004

Alkenes Grade 12

7 November 2004

Please download the new Unit 1:  Organic 

for the week starting  8 November 2004


1.   Covalent bonding hybridization

2.    Bonding in Organic Molecules

3.    Introduction to organic

4.    Introduction to organic reaction mechanism

5.    System of Organic Nomenclature

6.    Table of Functional Groups

7.   Alkanes


1.    Nomenclature

2.   Calculations in organic

3.   Melting point and boiling point of alkanes


1.   Preparation and reactions of acetylene

2.   Reactions of toluene

3.    Reactions of hydrocarbons

4.    Alcohols

5.    Esters

28 October 2004

Please download the following for class on Monday, 1 November 2004

Physical Props of Org Compounds and IMFA

20 October 2004

Please download the following for the week starting today, 20 October 2004, and bring these to class.


Table of VSEPR Shapes


Graph Hydrides of Group 5_ 6_7


VSEPR Shapes of Molecules 5

Structure and Bonding-Review 6

Review Atomic Theory Bonding and Structure

Essay Questions on Bonding and Properties


Testing Liquids for Polarity