Savita Pall and Chemistry


Welcome to SCH4U 2005-2006

29 May 2006

The following packages are important Exam Reviews:


Final Review Answers SCH4U


Formula Sheet



8 May 2006

Please download the new units: 

Solubility Product Equilibria and Acids & Bases

1.    Solution Equilibria

2.    Ksp Solubility

3.    Ksp Problems

ACIDS & Bases

1.    ACIDS and BASES

2.    The Common Ion Effect


1.    Summary of Arrhenius properties

2.    Summary Table of pH and pOH Relationship

3.    Review Questions on acid-Base Definitions

4.    Review Questions

5.    Determination of pH of Weak Acid Solution

6.    Determination  of pH of Weak Base Solution

7.    Ka and Kb Problems

8.    Review Calculations 1




20 March 2006

Please download the new unit, Chemical Kinetics, for the week of 27 March 2006 


1.    Chemical Kinetics

2.    Energy in Kinetics

3.    Reaction Mechanism Notes

4.    Rate Law and Order

5.    Half-life

6.    Catalysis

7.    Review-Andre


1.    Effect of Surface Area

2.    Graph Definitions-Factors

3.    KE Temperature Distribution

4.    Rate Law Order and PE

5.    Problems First Order Reactions


Factors Affecting Rates of Chemical Reactions


30 January 2006

Please download the new Unit: Thermochemistry, starting the week:      1 February 2006.


1.    Introduction to thermodynamics

2.    Table of definitions of types of enthalpy changes

3.    Hess's Law Notes

4.    Bond Energy Notes

5.    Entropy and Free Energy

6.    Reaction Spontaneity Table

7.    Thermodynamics-Review


1.    Specific Heat and Heat Capacity Problems1

2.    Specific Heat and Heat Capacity Problems2

3.    Enthalpy Changes for Warming Substances and Changes of State

4.    Equations using Heats of Reaction

5.    Hess's Law and Calorimetry Problems

6.    Summation of Heats of Reactions and Hess's Law Problems

7.    Enthalpy Review Questions

8.    Bond Enthalpies

9.    Entropy Assignment 1

10.    Assignment 2 Spontaneous Processes

11.    Assignment 3 Free Energy

12.    Review Entropy and Free Energy


1.    Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions

2.    Enthalpy Change of Mg and HCl

3.    Enthalpy of Ionic Compounds

4.    Enthalpy of zinc and copper(II) Sulphate

5.    Heat You Can Eat Lab

6.    Hess's Law sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid

7.    Combustion of Alcohols


16 January 2006

Welcome Back. Happy New Year.

You may download the following new Review Nomenclature Chart, and the new Labs.

Nomenclature-IMFA Chart

Lab: Reactions of Toluene

Lab: Reactions of Alcohols

23 October 2005

Please download the following new Unit:  ORGANIC, for the week starting 31 October 2005


1.    Covalent bonding- Hybridization

2.    Bonding in Organic Molecules

3.    Introduction to organic

4.   Introduction to organic reaction mechanism

5.    Table of functional groups

6.    System of organic nomenclature

7.    Alkanes

8.    Alkenes-Grade 12

9.    Alkynes

10.    Isomerism

11.    Polymers

12.    Benzene-Grade 12

13.    Comparison Table of Aliphatic and      Aromatic

14.    Alcohols and Ethers - Grade 12


1.    Calculations in organic

2.    Melting point and boiling point of alkanes

3.    Nomenclature

4.    organic-ISU


1.    Physical Props of Org Compounds and IMFA

2.    Preparation and reactions of acetylene

3.    Reactions of hydrocarbons

4.    Alcohols

6  September 2005

4U Outline Course 05-06

Please download the following for the week starting 6 September 2005


1.    Atomic Structure

2.    Periodic Trends

3.    Periodic Table Trends Summary

4.    Electronegativity


1.    Atomic Structure and Ionization Energy

2.    Quantum Mechanics Calculations

11 September 2005

You may download the table of cations and anions.

You may also find the following Package of Chemistry Definitions also useful for Tests and Exam preparation.

 Please also download the remainder of the Atomic Structure unit.

Table of cations and anions names and formulas

Chemistry Definitions


5.      Table of VSEPR Shapes

6.    Bonding-IMFA

7.    Graph of Hydrides of Group 5_ 6_7

8.    Atomic Structure Review

9.    Complete Review Structure and bonding


3.    Lewis Structure Tables

4.    VSEPR Shapes of Molecules

5.    Review Atomic Theory Bonding and Structure

6.    Structure and Bonding-Review Questions


1.    Atomic Spectra of Hydrogen Using a Spectroscope

2.    Testing Liquids for Polarity

3.    Lab Activity-Polarity-VSEPR-Props-Model

4.    Recognising Structure Types












The following review book outlines the whole course, 

it will be useful for exam preparation.