Savita Pall and Chemistry


Welcome to Chemistry: SCH3U


Welcome to Chemistry

Please download the SCH3U Course Outline and the SCH3U Recording Chart.


SCH3U Recording Chart-2014

Please download the Science Safety Contract,  please bring it back signed by your parent/guardian and by you also.  

Science Safety Contract

The following Lab Expectations - Lab Reports is an  explanation and guidelines for all labs performed during this course and will be an essential requirement in order to succeed in this course.  

Lab Expectations-Lab Reports

The following Equation Sheet will be required for the duration of the course and you will be required to bring it into tests and quizzes.

THE EQUATION SHEET-2017-2018.pdf


23 October 2017

The following quiz will be a good practice for the upcoming quiz on Wednesday.

Quiz-Balancing Word-Equations -16-17


September 6, 2017

We will be starting with a Grade 10 Review of Nomenclature and Balancing Equations and then Unit: Quantitative Chemistry

Please download the following Review of Grade 10.  

The following Notes, Assignments and Labs will be required for the first day of classes.


1.    Matter- Introduction

2.    Ten signs of a chemical change

3.     Oxidation Numbers 

4.   Binary Compound Drill Sheet

5.    Review Table-Polyatomic Compounds

6.    Balancing Equations

7.    Activity Series-Metals-Halogens

8.    Types of Reactions in Chemistry


1.    Flowchart

2.    Complete Nomenclature Review

3.    Nomenclature-Ultimate Review-2017

4.    Nomenclature Ultimate Review 2017-Answers

5.    Introduction to balancing equations

6.    Balancing_equations_1

7.    Balancing Equations-Polyatomic Ions

8.    Chemical nomenclature and balancing equations

9.    More balancing equations

10.    Word Equations to Balanced Molecular Equations 

11.  Double Displacement Reactions-2017

12.    Metal Activity Questions


1.    Types of Reaction-09-10

2.    Activity Series of Metals-3U

September 25, 2017

 Measurement and Data Processing 


Introduction to measurement.


Lab-Application of Significant Digits-Density

Lab-Thickness of aluminum Sheet

October 3, 2017

  Topic 1:  Stoichiometric Relationships 

1.    Introduction-The Mole

2.     The mole

3.    Molecular mass and Formula mass

4.    Empirical Formula II

5.    Fractions-Decimals-Empirical-Molecular Formula

6.    Stoichiometry Notes

7.     Moles and Chemical Equations-  Stoichiometry

8.    Limiting Reagent Calculations

9.    Calculations in Chemistry

10.    Moles Unit Review

11.    Calculations in Chemistry-Moles Unit.

12.    Summary Calculations from Equations


1.    Avogadro's number problems

2.    The mole and the periodic table

3.    Mole Problems II

4.    Percentage Composition Review

5.    Empirical formula

6.   Review Questions-Empirical-Molecular Formula

7.    Mass_to_mass_problems_1

8.    Mass_to_mass_problems_2

9.    Stoichiometry moles problems

10.    Stoichiometry 2_Review_Problems_07-08

11.    Limiting reagent problems

12.    Percent yield


1.    Number of molecules

2.    The chalk lab

3.    The water lab

4.    The Candy Lab_2016

5.    Lab-Percentage Composition-MgO

6.    Empirical Formula of MgCl2

7.    Formula of a Hydrate

8.    Lab-Limiting-Excess-Al-CuCl2

9.    Planning Lab-Quantities in Chemical Reactions